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Accounting Service

An efficient bookkeeping and accounting service can be invaluable in keeping your business on track. Not only will our accounting service ensure that you fulfil all your legal obligations in terms of filing accounts with companies house and HMRC, but that you understand exactly where you are with your business finances.

Being on top of your businesses finances is crucial to the success of your business. Having a clear picture of what you have in the bank at any one time, who owes you money and knowing the invoices that you are due to pay enables you to make sensible informed business decisions.  Using a regular bookkeeping service helps to ensure that your accounts are completed more efficiently and avoid late filing penalties.

Many small businesses only use their Accountant for Payroll, Year End Accounts and possibly VAT Returns but our Virtual Head Office Accounting Service aims to make your accounts more meaningful and useful to you in the day to day running of your business.

We want all our clients’ businesses to succeed and we never underestimate how important it is to analyse the company’s books on a regular basis.

Whether you want to move from your existing Accountant or to keep them for End of Year Accounts and use your our Accounting Service in specific areas there are cost effective solutions for everyone and we’re ready to discuss your needs.

Our packages are straightforward and enable you to budget, knowing exactly how much you are going to spend each month and spreading the payments so that instead of one annual payment, you have a small amount to pay each month, allowing you to control your finances much more effectively.



Let us take on your chore of bookkeeeping. All our bookkeeping work is overseen by our fully qualified chartered accountant so you can sure it’s being completed to a high and consistent standard.

Prices depend on the number of transactions and how much of the bookkeeping you want us to take on so please contact us now to discuss your requirements.

Payroll and PAYE

Payroll and PAYE calculation can be daunting. We do it all the time so let us do yours too.

Personal tax returns

Although you can complete personal tax returns yourself you may be missing items that you could have claimed for and therefore saved some tax. Let us complete your personal tax return and it may save you some money but it will definitely save you some time!

End of year accounts

Your end of year accounts are a statutory requirement and we would love to complete yours for you. Call us to discuss how we can help.

Annual return

Your Annual Return is another statutory requirement. We make sure yours is completed accurately and on time!

VAT (Value Added Tax)

It is always important to keep on top of your VAT. By using our service to complete your VAT Returns you will be ensured they are in safe hands and that you won’t be getting any shocks of any unexpectedly high VAT bills.

CIS submission (for construction industry)

For construction companies and/or those involved in the construction industry CIS can be a chore you can do without. We ensure they are completed accurately and on time each month as well as verifying your suppliers for you.


I have been using Virtual Head Office for years and they have always been great!

Laura Halstead
Laura Halstead

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