Welcome to Virtual Head Office – The Pay As You Go Head Office

The way we work is changing.  We’re no longer tied to working in the same office day in day out.  Business owners have more flexibility than ever before.

Sometimes it’s good to give the impression to the outside world that you do have bricks and mortar.  It gives a feeling of stability and credibility to your business.

So how do you achieve this whilst keeping costs down?

A virtual office is a great way of providing a professional address for your business without the overheads of premises or staff.

Virtual Head Office provides you with a virtual office in a location of your choice, anywhere in the UK.

Wherever you want your business to be based from, we can help.  Simply choose your location, or locations if you need multiple sites and decide whether or not you want to add telephone answering to your virtual office.

We can either supply you with a telephone number local to the area of your virtual office, or use a number that you already have. The choice is yours.

Need telephone answering but not an address?  No problem.  We work with you to provide the flexible solution you need.

You get the flexibility to work from where you want whilst having the stability of an office and a team behind you handling your mail and your calls

Virtual Office LeedsLeeds

Virtual Office Leeds

from £45 per month.


Virtual Office Birmingham

from £55 per month.


Virtual Office Southampton

from £55 per month.


Virtual Office Brentford

from £55 per month.


Virtual Office Cirencester

from £45 per month.


Virtual Office Warrington

from £55 per month.


Virtual Office Fleet

from £55 per month.

Bury St Edmunds

Virtual Office Bury St Edmunds

from £45 per month.