Our pay as you go telephone answering service means that you need never miss a call again. It’s a flexible, professional and extremely low cost alternative to employing someone to answer your business calls.

As a small business it can be difficult to answer every call that comes in to your business. You could be out on site, in a meeting with a client, on the phone already or simply trying to complete a task that you absolutely can’t interrupt.

Yet, as a business owner you really want to ensure that every call that comes in to your business is answered to ensure that new business enquiries are dealt with promptly and efficiently and that your business always demonstrates good customer service.

Our pay as you go telephone answering service is very flexible, you can choose whether we answer all the calls that come in to your business, you may choose to divert calls at certain times and not others, or you may choose for us to just answer those calls that you would have missed, if for example you do not answer within a certain amount of rings, or if the line is already engaged.

Your callers will be greeted by a friendly, professional receptionist who will answer your calls as though they are sitting in your office. We will answer your calls exactly as you want, handle your frequently asked questions, book appointments in your diary and give your callers confidence that your business is dealing with their requests.

Our receptionists answer calls and take a message which we then send via email to you straight away. You can then return your calls at a time convenient to you, improving your time management and helping you work smarter rather than harder.

As well as answering throughout the business day we can also provide 24 hour support, which can help you extend your business hours, and is particularly useful to any businesses who need to be on call.

Advantages of a Pay As You Go Telephone Answering Service over Voicemail or Diverting to Mobiles

Callers often do not like leaving answerphone messages – they are not sure when or if the message will be picked up, they do not always want to give away any information about themselves unless they have spoken to someone personally and sometimes it may be simply so urgent that they don’t want to waste time leaving a message when they could be calling another number and speaking to someone else who can help them now.

Diverting to a mobile phone is one option however, a telephone answering service has the advantage that your calls are always answered by receptionists who are sitting at a desk waiting to answer your calls in a controlled environment. Answering a call on your mobile may not always be practical, for example if you are with a client, up a ladder, driving. You could find if you are on the move that you have to contend with background noise, loss of signal and may not always be in a position to write things down even if you are able to speak.

A telephone answering service may also be cheaper than diverting to a mobile phone. We deal with your calls quickly, always being courteous and friendly, but at the same time efficiently turning calls around, most of our calls are completed within one minute to keep costs down. Compare this to taking a call personally on your mobile, if you speak to a caller yourself you will tend to have more in depth and therefore lengthier conversations, which can cost more.

How much does the telephone answering service cost?

There are different ways to pay. You can either choose one of our inclusive packages giving you an appropriate number of minutes per month, which works well for businesses who like to pay the same amount each month to make budgeting straightforward. Or choose to pay a line rental and call charge each month, calculating exactly what you have used each month.

Starting our pay as you go telephone answering service couldn’t be easier. Use our telephone answering service independently, or choose one of our virtual business address locations for a complete virtual office package. Either book your service and pay online or give us a call on 01284 363463.

Who uses our telephone answering service?

  • Small businesses who are unable to answer every call who comes through to their business who don’t want to miss any business opportunities.
  • Start up businesses, perhaps where the owner is still in a full time job, but need to be open for business throughout the working day.
  • Businesses who can handle the majority of incoming calls themselves but would like us to handle overflow calls to speed up answering times and improve customer service.
  • Businesses who would like to extend their opening hours to be available for customers without necessarily having to be in the office.
  • Businesses who are on call, even 24 hours a day.
  • Businesses with teams of remote workers who would like a central office number to dial in to where the calls can either be forwarded on or a message sent to the relevant person.
  • Companies who may be anticipating a short term hike in volumes of calls, perhaps as a result of an advertising campaign.
  • Business owners who are going on holiday who need calls handled whilst they are away.
  • Businesses who have a member of staff on holiday or off sick who would like to use a virtual receptionist as an alternative to a temp.
  • Working parents who finish early for the school run who may find it difficult to answer the phone after school with children in the background.
  • Companies who have developed other aspects to their business who may require a dedicated phone service for a particular aspect of business.


No missed opportunities

Details of all callers captured for you to call back.

Gives your business a reputation for great customer service

Always answering properly shows you are always there to listen to your customers.

Improves time management

Improves time management as you decide when you call your customers back and prioritise accordingly.

Beat your competitors

Give yourself an edge over your competitors who let their calls go to voicemail.

More cost effective than employing someone to answer

As you only pay for the calls you answer it is far less than paying to have someone sit in your office answering all of your calls.

Appear more established

Can help your business appear bigger as it gives the impression of having someone else in your office working with you.

The telephone answering service starts at just £24 a month

I have been using Virtual Head Office for years and they have always been great!

Laura Halstead
Laura HalsteadPropono PR

Having the telephone answering service meant that I could get on with family life and have a holiday!

Libby Sheridan
Libby SheridanMojo Consultancy