What is a registered office address?

When you start a Limited Company or Limited Liability Partnership within the UK you are legally required to have a registered office address for your business, which is an address for Companies House and HMRC to deliver statutory mail and legal notices to.  This does not necessarily need to be the trading address for your business.

What is the registered office address service from Virtual Head Office?

You may use our address as your registered office address for Companies House and HMRC.  We will then forward on mail to you from Companies House and HMRC alone, first class on the day it arrives, or if you prefer to collect, we’ll let you know as soon as your post arrives and you can call in and collect your mail from us, where it will be stored securely until it’s convenient for you to call and collect.

Does a registered office need to be the same as trading address?

Not necessarily.  You may trade from your registered office address, but your registered address needn’t be the same as your trading address.  Some businesses in fact will have multiple trading addresses in different locations but there will only ever be one registered office for the building.

Can I receive other mail at my registered office address?

We can receive other mail for you as well, however, if you wish to do this then what you need is our mail handling service.  The mail handling service includes the registered office address service, but also allows you to use the address on your website, business cards, marketing literature, Google or wherever else you may wish to use it. We could receive all your mail for you and then either store this securely for you in our offices until it is convenient for you to collect, or we could forward on to you first class that day.

What are the benefits of using a registered business address?

Your company’s registered office address needs to be registered with Companies House and as such is public knowledge.  If you are trading from home this could mean that clients, suppliers or any other interested parties could contact you at home.  Using a business address service helps to maintain your privacy and also, using a business address rather than a residential address gives an impression of a professional, established business.

Who would use a registered office address service?

There are lots of different types of businesses who use our service.  Here are just a few examples.

  • Businesses who work from home who would like to maintain their privacy and maintain a professional image.
  • Businesses operating in more than one location who would like a central address to receive important statutory legal communications.
  • Start up businesses who may be uncertain about whether they are going to stay in their current location.
  • Businesses going through periods of change or growth who may anticipate moving premises and want to know there is a safe, stable address which can remain the same even if the business relocates.

How quickly can I set up a registered office address?

Straight away.  You simply need two forms of ID from the director of the company.  One linking to the company, for example certificate of incorporation, the other to be something showing an address such as a driving license, bank statement or utility bill.  We can set up your address within minutes and you can start using the address immediately.

Can Virtual Head Office form the company for me at my registered office address?

Yes, we have a team of chartered accountants who are able to deal with your company formation for you at the same time as getting you set up with your registered address, we can do it all for you very quickly, efficiently and professionally.


Keep home and work separate

If you’re a home based business you may not necessarily want to publicise your home address for privacy and security reasons.

Help your business appear more established

Being seen as having a smart town centre office helps give a great impression of your business and gives customers and prospects confidence.

Multiple offices in different locations

If you’re based in a different location but would like business in the area then using our mail handling service can help you be seen as a local business.

Great Value

The registered business address service

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