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Administrative Support

Our administrative support service is a flexible administration service to keep your business running efficiently. Whether you are looking for regular ongoing administrative support, or simply on an ad hoc basis for particular projects such as mailing campaigns, or data entry projects we can either work with your existing administrative support team, or work as your administrative support team if you don’t already have one. Our helpful administrative support assistants can maintain an organised business and ensure consistent professional standards on all correspondence and documentation.

Why use our administrative support service?

There is no doubt that running a business creates a huge amount of administration every single day. Keeping on top of this can be challenging both in terms of finding the time to carry out all of these tasks and sometimes having the necessary skills. Ensuring you are up to date with your administration is important to help you work effectively in day to day business life – to be able to process orders, to promptly invoice your customers, keep on track of who has paid, to have your customer and supplier contact details easily available. Letting administration slide will soon have a negative impact on your business and before you know it you can feel that you are snowed under with all manner of tasks. Fear not, our administrative support team work with you make sure you stay on top of everything, creating an organised, stress-free working environment for you.

How does the administrative support service compare to employing an administrator?

For a start the service is completely flexible – meaning that if you want to use us for 20 hours one week and then don’t need to use us again for another 3 months that’s fine. We understand that running a business doesn’t always generate the same amount of administration every single week so employing someone for a fixed amount of hours each week may not always be the most natural fit for your business needs.
In short, if you need more hours one week, having a whole team in place rather than an individual ensures that we have the capacity to deliver, and on the other hand if you need much less then you only pay for the hours that you actually use, meaning that you are getting the service exactly when you need it and no more so you pay exactly the right amount making it a cost effective option.

Our administrative support service is available every single working day of the year, there is no need to think about holiday cover or sick pay.

Administrative support work is all carried out from our own head office, whilst you are at work in your own place of business. You won’t need to worry about the other ancillary costs of employing someone in addition to their salary, we don’t need a telephone, a computer, a desk, chair or any space at all. If you work from home, it also means that you don’t need to have anyone else working in your home, helping to keep your home life separate.


Email management

We can pick up emails coming in to a particular email address and deal with them accordingly, for example, forwarding to the most appropriate member of your team, handling frequently asked questions, sending out information as requested.

Data entry

For example adding business cards to your database, order processing, inputting results of a survey.


Dealing your correspondence whether it be by email or letter, responding to requests for information or sending invoices.

Document creation

From a simple letters, quotes and invoices to copy typing of transcripts, formatting of tender documents and dissertations.

Meeting organisation

Everything from arranging venues, inviting delegates, co-ordinating responses, making catering arrangements, sending agendas and other information.


Sending out your invoices to your customers promptly to help encourage prompt payment.

Mail merges

Sending bulk correspondence to your database, whether you need a letter, to send a brochure or simply an email.

Credit Control

From the minute your invoices become due our credit control team stay on top of them, chasing regularly following a clear procedure to ensure that you receive your payment as quickly as possible.

Great Value

Our administration support services is just £25 an hour


Virtual Head Office have provided the Greater Cambridge Greater Peterborough Enterprise Partnership with flexible admin support to our small team.

We have valued VHO’s additional support and help during what has been an extremely busy time for our organisation, and would like to thank them for their dedication and responsiveness. From organising meetings and writing letters to managing emails and handling telephone calls, VHO have been on hand to help us whenever we needed them.

Virtual Head Office allows small and start-up businesses to outsource key aspects of their business such as call answering, mail forwarding, telemarketing, admin and web design. Located in London, Manchester, Leeds, Colchester and Bury St Edmunds we provide an excellent business address to small businesses. We target customers throughout London, Lancashire, Nottinghamshire, West Yorkshire, Essex, Hampshire, Cheshire, West Midlands, Gloucestershire, East Anglia and the UK. Registered Office: Suite 1, 5th Floor, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS1 5JD. Company No. 07068654.