Home Based Business

Running your business from home has numerous benefits. It’s a low cost option, which also means you don’t spend time travelling to an office every day, which can improve your work life balance. As a home based business owner though you do need to be careful not to let the boundaries blur too much in the interests of both work and home life.

We work with home based businesses to help both maintain the professionalism for the business, and also to take away the strain that running a home based business can sometimes place on others in the home.

The following is a list of ways that we help home based business owners. As with all of our services these are just examples, some businesses will opt to use more of these services, others will just take one. No two businesses are the same and no two homes are the same so every home based business owner will have different requirements.

  • A business address  Using our mail handling service really does help to maintain the privacy of the home based business owner. Using our mailing address means that you don’t need to worry about having people turn up at your home, if you hold stock or expensive equipment at home you need not be concerned from a security point of view, and you can feel confident that an office address may appear more professional than a residential one.
  • Telephone answering  Our team answer from a controlled office environment so you can be confident that there are none of the background noises you may get at home such as children, pets, vacuum cleaners, doorbells or noisy neighbours to name a few. You can be certain that all your calls will be answered in your business name, by someone who knows exactly how to handle your calls. A challenge for the home based business owner taking calls at home can sometimes be a family member answering the business phone the way they would the house phone, which does not always give the most professional impression. It’s important to remember to be fair to the others in the house, and to not really expect them to follow the unique way your business handles calls – but you can expect that of us.
  • Administrative support and bookkeeping  A common scenario in home based businesses is to have another family member or partner to help out with administration. In some cases this works well, in others it does not. Outsourcing your administrative support not only means that you are handing over to a team with the necessary skills to support your business, but it also shows a respect for the value of your partner’s time. In short it is as much about helping home based business owners to maintain a positive home life as it is about helping to effectively support your business.