Showing Your Clients You Value Them

Post published 14th July, 2014

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Maya Angelou

I couldn’t agree with the above quote.  You can apply this to just about any situation, both from a business perspective as well as in your personal life.

From a business point of view this is something we should all consider.  One of the biggest challenges businesses face is bringing in new customers and then retaining them.  Thinking about how we can make both prospects and existing customers feel special is something we should all focus on.

How To Make Your Clients Feel Valued

Making someone feel valued, important and listened to can really set you apart from your competitors, create strong, long lasting client relationships.  It’s great for you and your client, and the best bit is it’s actually really simple to do. 

Here are just 5 tips to get you started with making your clients feel valued.

  1. Listen. Sounds obvious but amazing how many people don’t listen properly.  If your client is talking don’t presume that you know what they are going to say, listen carefully and empathise with them.  It’s surprising sometimes how a few simple nods in the right places can encourage clients to talk a bit more and give you further details which will help you deliver what they want.  Hear them out fully and absolutely never interrupt, this will give the impression that you are not at all interested in what they have to say.
  2. Ask their opinions. Usually a client will come to a company because they need expertise in a particular area.  Bear in mind though that the clients thoughts and opinions still need to be taken in to consideration.  If they ask you to do something that you know won’t work then be tactful about it.  Reassure them that you understand where they are coming from before you then tactfully give them the benefit of your experience and explain why you are making the recommendations you are.
  3. Do what you say you are going to do when you say you are going to do it.  Nothing makes a client feel less valued than when you have told them you are going to complete a certain project by a particular time and then you don’t do it.  A simple way to ensure you do this is to always give a slightly longer deadline than you will need to complete a project.  For example, if you think you can get something finished by Tuesday then tell them you can get it done by Wednesday.  This way you have a bit of breathing space if any unforeseen circumstances arise which could delay you, also, if you are able to complete before your deadline it always impresses a client.
  4. Answer your calls.  If your client or prospect is trying to get in touch with you and your phone goes to voicemail what sort of message does that give?  Always answering your phone shows that you are keen to speak to them and ready to help, also that you are able to balance your workload.  If you work by yourself or in a small team this is where a telephone answering service can really help, as it ensures your callers are always greeted by a welcoming person who is happy to help.
  5. Reply to your messages.  If clients or prospects have left messages for you by telephone or email then make sure you get back to them asap.  Not replying will leave a client wondering why you haven’t called back, if there is a problem or if you simply can’t be bothered.  Again, telephone answering services help here as if you are out all day you will still receive your messages wherever you are and can therefore return calls at a suitable time, or if that won’t be possible your callers can be informed of this so that they are not kept waiting.

If you have any other suggestions we’d love to hear them.

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