Virtual Business Address For Start Up Construction Company

This Week – A Virtual Business Address For A Start Up Construction Business

Starting a business is an exciting time for anyone, and something that we get a lot of pleasure from is working with those start up businesses and being able to share the excitement with them.  This week we started working with a new client who is in the process of starting his business and he wanted a virtual business address to give his business a local presence without giving out his home address.

The business owner has set up a construction business.  He’s worked in the family business for several years and has just decided to go it alone.  He wants to be seen very much as a local business and will use the virtual business address that we have, as well as the local telephone number we have provided him with as part of his marketing to show that he’s a local business and to help give him credibility.

He approached us right at the start of his start up process as he wanted to use the virtual mailing address as his registered address with Companies House when he set up the business, so he came in with his ID and started the virtual business address before then approaching Companies House to set up his business, enabling him to use this address from the outset.

Since the beginning of the week we have received mail from him which has included his certificate of incorporation as well as letters from suppliers from whom he is setting up trade accounts, as again, an established office address helps to give a professional impression.

As we always do with our business address clients, we have been letting him know as soon as mail has been arriving for him and he has been calling in to collect it.

It’s been great to see his enthusiasm every time he comes in and to hear about the work he is already picking up locally.  Seeing him pull up outside in his branded up van with his local mailing address and telephone number on and how proud he was when he got out of it brought a smile to my face as well.


Virtual Business Address

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