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Achieving Work Life Balance When You Work From Home

One of the most popular reasons for anyone wanting to work from home is to achieve greater work life balance.  Managed properly, you can definitely achieve this, however, it doesn’t just follow that working from home without making proper plans to achieve it. If you’re not careful, the blurring of boundaries between work and home […]

Is Your Home Suitable To Run Your Business From?

Running your business from home is a low cost alternative to hiring commercial premises to operate your business from. But before diving in and taking the plunge it’s worth considering if your home is in fact a suitable base for your business. If you haven’t already read our first blog in this series on the […]

How To Slow Down And Boost Your Mental Fortitude

I’m pleased to be sharing an article contributed by Wendy Dessler of Clockspot on How To Slow Down And Boost Your Mental Fortitude.  I’m a big believer in working practices that ensure you don’t get stressed and burned out and Wendy has some great ideas for doing exactly that. An all-too-common trend among entrepreneurs of all […]

Outsourcing: The Ultimate Guide For Small Business Owners

  Outsourcing is the practice where companies large or small use resources outside of their own company to fulfill certain functions.  Small businesses in particular, who seek to keep headcount and costs down will tend to outsource a lot.  In fact, I’ll be willing to guess that you are probably already outsourcing at least one […]

5 Small Business Blogs To Read Regularly

5 Small Business Blogs I Love It’s nearly Valentine’s day so in keeping with the love theme I’m spreading the love and sharing my 5 favourite small business blogs.  These are in no particular order. Hubspot. I’m a big fan of Hubspot all round really, their free CRM is amazing, and through using that I […]