Writing an ebook

This week – Writing an ebook

This week instead of writing the usual blog about some work we have been doing directly for a client, I thought I would write about something else that we have been working on in Virtual Head Office, which has been quite a labour of love for me.  I’ve just finished writing my first eBook which is due to go live on Amazon on Monday 23rd November.  It’s not the novel I’ve always had ambitions of writing one day, but something much more closely related to Virtual Head Office, and close to my heart.  The book is about networking events, how to prepare for them, how to get the most from them when you’re there and how to follow up afterwards.

Ever since we started our Office Drinks networking events back in 2010 I’ve answered all kinds of questions and imparted various pieces of advice to new networkers, many of them slightly nervous about attending networking events.  These questions and tips I’ve put in to a book for anyone to download on Amazon.  My main motivation for writing the ebook is to make people aware that networking is actually not that difficult if you break it down in to different steps, and as much as I want to show people how to do it, I also want to give people the confidence to go out there and actually do it.

Writing an ebook has been a massive learning curve for me, but a hugely enjoyable experience, and definitely something I plan to do again.  (In fact there is another book already in the offing as we speak…)

This week, I have been in the final stages of getting everything formatted and prepared, ready to go live on Monday.  I’m happy and excited as well as nervous and apprehensive of what sort of reaction I will get when the book is actually launched as no doubt there will be rough with the smooth along the way.

Either way, I know that on Monday an ambition that I have had since I was a little girl is about to be fulfilled and I couldn’t be happier about it.

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