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This week – Writing an ebook

This week instead of writing the usual blog about some work we have been doing directly for a client, I thought I would write about something else that we have been working on in Virtual Head Office, which has been quite a labour of love for me.  I’ve just finished writing my first eBook which […]

Time Management Skills

Time Management Skills For Business Owners When you’re running a business there’s one thing that you never have enough of – time.  Improving your time management skills will have a significant impact on your productivity, your work life balance and the performance of your business. Successful people have effective time management strategies to help them […]

Mail Redirection

Mail Redirection For Business One thing is certain running a business – nothing ever stays the same.  Even with a solid business plan in place it is still difficult to judge how things will be in your business in the next five years, in fact for some early stage businesses it can be difficult to […]

How to find the right virtual office for your business.

So you’ve made the decision to use a virtual office.  How do you then go about finding the right virtual office for your business?  It’s important to make the right decision as you could be partnering with your virtual office service provider for a number of years to come so spend some time in advance […]

This week in Virtual Head Office – A telephone answering service and mail handing – how one small business relocates but appears to stay at the same business address

A small business who we’ve worked with for the past 5 years has relocated this week to London.  He has used our mailing address and telephone answering service ever since he started up his cleaning business, to give him a presence in the Bury St Edmunds area.  He lived in a nearby village and didn’t […]

Credit Control: How To Get Another £20k In Your Business Bank Account

According to research by Tungsten, the average SME is owed £40,857 in unpaid invoices, with £20,937 of that total amount being overdue.  An amount which, according to the 1000 companies surveyed, places 1 in 5 of those businesses at risk of insolvency. Even if it doesn’t put your business at risk of insolvency it certainly […]